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This image conjures up what many of us will be doing in the next several weeks, Christmas shopping for our loved ones. The sights, the smells, the crowds, the spending, . . . ho hum.  Getting caught up in the commercialism of the holiday is something many of us do and it’s all fine if you don’t let it consume you.  I, however, have chosen, especially this year, to back off and take a look at how I will approach the barrage of busy-ness during December.  I am reminded of the reason for the season being about the birth of our beloved Saviour, Jesus the Christ, the Messiah.  So I ask myself, “What would Jesus do?”   I think He would help someone struggling to get by on a limited income, or do something for someone who cannot get out of their home on their own due to handicap issues, or visit someone who is lonely.  He would give what He had to make someone else comfortable and He definitely had some excellent words to share to lift your spirits higher than you ever thought possible.  Personally, these kinds of things are more important than getting an overpriced material object that you may not ever use or want which extended the giver’s credit card limit and relieve his or her guilt complex.  Want to give a really valuable gift this season?  Give of yourself.