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wheat-1If you follow me on Facebook, many of you already know that I have posted about my gluten allergy  “step on a rake” awareness. It blindsided me as I endeavored to detoxify my body a couple of months ago. At this point, I am constantly looking for articles, blogs, websites, etc. which inform me about celiac disease and gluten sensitivities. In my pursuit of information, I’ve found numerous gluten free recipes, GF product retailers, and other people with the same condition. In this day and age, the information highway is loaded with whatever you need to find. If you know of anyone who is allergic to gluten (wheat products), please encourage them to read up on it. The info is out there and there are even support groups, one on Facebook too, called Gluten Free Planet.  Health food stores are stocked with items for gluten intolerant customers as well as many grocers carry items that are gluten free. I thought food choices were going to be extremely difficult to find having this condition and learning new ways to eat also difficult, but instead, I’ve found it to be a new challenge and a very rewarding adventure. Feel free to post any comments that you may have. I’d love to hear from you.